Apply This Paste on Your Underarms. All Hair Will Fall Down and Will Never Come Back

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No one likes excess body hair, especially women. Hair can grow out of the weirdest places on the human body and is quite difficult to get rid of. Cut it off and it’ll grow back. Pay big money for lotions, creams or hair removal treatments, and there’s still a chance it’ll grow back. This is especially problematic in cases of excess facial or underarm hair, which can seriously ruin your look.



Depilation is one method that might work in the short-run, but it’s pretty painful and the effects last for only a few weeks or a month or two at best. So, is there another solution? Luckily, there is! We’re going to show you how to prepare a simple natural paste that can remove all the excess hair from your underarms and prevent it from growing back again. The paste is based on turmeric, and here’s what you need to do:

Step 1

Turmeric paste

  • ½ a cup turmeric powder
  • Rosewater (or milk)
  • Towel
  • Warm water


First, mix the rosewater with the turmeric powder until you get a thick paste. Next, apply it on your underarms and leave it to work for up to half an hour. Now, soak the towel in warm water and take the paste off in order to loosen the hair and easily remove it.

Step 2

Sodium bicarbonate water recipe


  • Baking soda
  • Water


Just mix the ingredients, then apply them on the area with excess hair. Leave the paste to work overnight, then take it off with lukewarm water in the morning. Apply a high-quality moisturizer on your skin in order to prevent it from drying out.

Besides removing all the excess hair, both pastes will also prevent body odor and excessive sweating. Try the method yourself and we’re sure you’ll going to love the results.